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Not bad…

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Things to remember if you see a Knight working an intersection this weekend; we are not charging you so don’t feel guilty for not having change ready, you can still say hello and make eye contact. Anything helps, The pennies at the bottom of your change cup add up, so it’s all good. This is the KOC biggest fundraiser of the year, raising thousands of dollars for charities in your community.

So take..

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And here’s the hand carved, 3 foot tall, twenty pound honorary hardware from the Society of St James the Apostle!

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Very humbled to be receiving the honor of Christ’s Hero tonight, presented by the Society of St. James the Apostle, tonight in Oak Brook. Please support the great work of the Society if you are able.

I share this with all Catholic Caucus followers, as this blog is a key ingredient to my work evangelizing our faith. Thank you!

“This year’s honorees include Bishop R. Daniel Conlon; Auxiliary Bishop..

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Heard this story explained on Relevant Radio today, what an incredible sequence of events.

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Convinced the Holy Spirit guided me to Saint Mary of the Lake University Tuesday night, where I had the honor and privilege to meet Father Robert Barron, and view an extended clip of Priest, Prophet King. Anyone who saw the series Catholicism is familiar with the incredible work of Word on Fire, the producers of this feature. Thanks to Ann and Rosemary for inviting me in to the event after hearing..

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