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Wow, brutal times! Where would we be without the witnessing of these martyrs and saints? Do any of our sacrifices even come within a shadow of any of these?

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Any Iowans out there?

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Saint John Paul II….it has a nice ring to it! Witnessing somebody rise to sainthood in our lifetime reminds us that we all should aspire to become a Saint through our acts and deeds while on earth.

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My parish, St. Joseph in Downers Grove, has adoration and every Monday, and our Knights of Columbus Rosary on the third Monday of the month. Does your parish? If so, try attending…if not, perhaps help start one. Very powerful. ~ Jim

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How would you respond to the wishes of the widow of the man who died saving you from drowning?

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Are you registered to vote? Are you kids, friends, neighbors? You can have absentee ballots sent to those away from home, sometimes with just a phone request. Search on web your county name and ‘Board of Elections’ for details.

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OCTOBER 16, 2014
“We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home those who have lost their way.”
— St. Francis of Assisi

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This is a great praying device.

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Almost half done with The Month of The Rosary. Still a lot of time left to say your share.

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Catholic Caucus was founded with the idea of galvanizing the Catholic vote in a way that protects the church’s values and teachings. In order to do that, we must first exercise our right to vote. Our friends at CatholicVote have made this cool widget to remind us all to get out and vote on November 4th, with hopes that the Holy Spirit will guide our consciences.

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If you haven’t watched any of Fr. Barron’s videos, you’re missing a lot. He breaks down many of the church’s toughest issues, topics and doctrines in a very consumable way for us. Check it out.

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Interesting. Never had heard of St Wilfrid before.

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All around good guy.

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